Farmers Markets

Where to Find Our Coffee

Because we are a retail coffee roaster (the only way we can be sure you get our beans at peak freshness), you will never find our bags on the shelves at a grocery store. However, there are still several venues where you can find it.

Our storefront at 3917 Georgia Ave in Petworth, just a couple blocks north of the green line metro stop, is open 365 days a year. You will find us there, roasting every one of those days but December 25.

If that isn’t convenient for you, we participate in a number of weekly farmers markets in and around DC. We bring out our wide selection of beans, all roasted within 24 hours and can often be found brewing coffee on site (for maximum freshness, of course).

Last, but not least, we have launched a mail order web site where you can find a list of all our current offerings and get delivery right to your door. This is a great option if you can’t make it to one of our other outlets, have moved out of the area or want to send someone the gift of fresh coffee.


Coffee As Produce

Qualia Coffee was born at a farmers market and these weekly produce pop-ups are still the only place to find our coffee beans outside the storefront. Our dedication to freshness dictates that we sell all our beans within three days of roasting. So you will never find them on the shelves in grocery stores where beans can languish for days, weeks or even months.

We get to as many local farmers markets and outdoor events as we can, always brew coffee on site for optimum freshness and sell beans within 24 hours of roasting. These are the markets where you can find us every week:

Arlington Farmers Market All year round
Saturday from 8am to noon (winter market starts at 9am)

Columbia Heights Community Marketplace runs April 22 through December 9, 2017
Saturday from 9am to 1pm

Shaw Farmers Market at Old City Farm & Guild opens May 14, 2017
Sunday from 10am to 2pm

USDA Farmers Market runs May through October
Every Friday from 9am to 2pm

Rhode Island Row Farmers Market runs May 13 through October 28, 2017
Saturdays from 10am to 2pm

We are always looking for other markets to attend. We provide both beans for use at home as well as brewed coffee for on-site consumption. Please email us at for more information.