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At Qualia, we pride ourselves on offering top quality beans from around the world at a reasonable price. Our goal is to bring our customers the best coffee we can find, for which growers are paid a livable wage, but that don’t break the bank.

We stand behind the quality of all the coffees we offer, but we also regularly come across a small lot of coffee that we think is just spectacular. Our mailing list highlights these coffees once or twice a month. All of these offerings are available for mail order or in the store.

And every so often, we come across a bean that, while much pricier than our usual fare, is just too rare and precious to pass up. These coffees are often available in limited quantities, so we offer this exclusive line on a pre-order basis. We will also have each of the coffees available by-the-cup on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to be informed only when these Reserve offerings become available, please indicate this when signing up for our Qualia mailing list here.


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All of our current offerings are available to be shipped to your home anywhere in the United States. You can find our selection of coffees and place your order at Qualia Coffee Roasters.

We also offer a coffee subscription service. We will mail you a roaster’s selection of beans (two 10 oz bags) every other week for $53 a month.

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