Are We the Best Coffee Shop in DC?

Maybe, maybe not. We think it is fair to argue we have the best coffee in DC, but that does not necessarily make us the best coffee shop. People look for many different things in a coffee shop, some don’t even come for the coffee. We are happy to be consistently counted among our friends in the coffee community moving the ball forward on quality and helping to improve the lives of the coffee growers we all support. It seems unlikely that Qualia will ever win a readers poll. Our location counts against us as does the fact that we have one storefront. In the grand scheme of things, few people have experienced Qualia. That said, it is immensely gratifying that in 2012 and 2013, The Washington City Paper recognized us in their Best of DC issues for the excellence we strive everyday to achieve.

Best of DC 2012

Best of DC 2013

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