Why do good restaurants serve bad coffee?

It’s a question that we at Qualia Coffee find ourselves asking too often. Is it because local chefs, otherwise so concerned with the quality of their ingredients, don’t see coffee as a culinary element of the meal? Or is it because restaurants generally delegate coffee brewing to the wait staff, who don’t have the time or training to treat coffee with the care needed to brew it properly? Or maybe, it’s the fact that customers don’t complain when they get a bad cup of coffee, so why bother making the effort to brew it well? Whatever the reason, it’s a little unsettling how many of DC’s fine eating establishments are content to end an exquisitely conceived meal with a poorly made cup of coffee.

We’d like to see this change. That’s why we have launched an effort to convince a handful of local fine-dining establishments, those that otherwise take great care to source local, high-quality ingredients, to consider serving beans produced in house by our roasting label, Fresh Off the Roast. Here is our challenge to DC’s restaurant, give us ten minutes of your time and we will brew you a cup of coffee in your restaurant with our portable coffee kit. If you don’t agree that it is distinctly better than your house brew, we will give you three pounds of our beans to do with as you see fit. However, if you like what you taste, we can show you how with a little time and care, you can be serving coffee that really compliments the rest of the food you serve.

If you would like to take us up on our challenge, contact us at QualiaCoffee@gmail.com.

Emergency Roadside Coffee Kit

With our Portable Coffee Kit (not patent pending), we can go anywhere, any time prepared to brew a great cup of coffee on the spot, no electricity required.

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